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WAC produces tools for production logging,  such as capacitance tool, pressure tool, temperature tool, noise measuring tool, formation gamma ray tool, ejection tool, caliper tool, collar locator tool , spinner, steam injection profiling tool, water injection profiling tool, PTSAG (pressure, temperature, spinner, accelerometer, gamma) tool and also electric line data collection system. WAC also produces wireline tools, such as Running tools, pulling tools, crossovers, fishing tools, shifting tools, wire cutters, plug assemblies, flow control device, slickline tool string, tubing stops, running and pulling prongs and probes, kickover tools, tubing clean out tools, special kickover tools, miscellaneous tools, sand bailer, drive down bailer, hydrostatic bailer. WAC also can provide capillary tubing, pressure chamber, chamber head, lubricator, stuffing box, top staff assembly, lower sheave, data loggers, pressure transducer, software.

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